Waterscape Rebate Program Offers Incentives to Unincorporated Area Customers


Waterscape Rebate Program Offers Incentives to Unincorporated Area Customers

10:04 17 August in News

Transform your property now with the new incredible water-wise rebates! The County of San Diego has partnered with the San Diego County Water Authority, the Otay Water District, and other local water agencies to launch the Waterscape Rebate Program for residential and commercial customers in unincorporated areas of the county. The program offers high-value rebates to help customers upgrade their outdoor spaces while saving money and water.

Property owners in the unincorporated areas can receive:
● Rebates starting at $3 and up to $6 per sq ft to replace high-water use turf with water-smart plants.
● $80 towards the purchase of weather-based irrigation controllers (WBIC) or $60 per WBIC station.
● Up to $2,100 to capture rain through a rain barrel, cistern, garden, or other rain-saving feature.
● Rebates starting at $3 per sq. ft plus customized landscape design services to transform large turf areas with water-wise landscaping (minimum of 10,000 sq. ft of turf).
● Up to $5,000 per grower to install irrigation upgrades recommended by an expert during a free Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency evaluation.
● $100 to pump your home’s septic tank and prevent costly repairs.
● $15 per sq. ft to upgrade old driveways and parking lots with pavers or porous pavement.

Claim your rebate with the new Waterscape Rebate Program while funds last. To check your eligibility and estimate your rebate, click here.