Otay Celebrates Annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week


Otay Celebrates Annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week

15:26 14 November in News

The District Recognizes Its Employees and Showcases Water-Related Careers

Each year, the Otay Water District joins other water agencies throughout California in celebrating Water Professionals Appreciation Week, which kicks off on the first Saturday of October to highlight the important role of water industry professionals and local public water agencies in ensuring safe and reliable water, wastewater, and recycled water in the region.


Sr. Utility Worker/Equipment Operator and Utility Crew Leader perform a service replacement in a residential area of El Cajon.

The designated week is an opportunity for the District to showcase the key roles that staff plays in water and wastewater services. It is also an opportunity to showcase rewarding careers in the water industry, including engineering, systems operations, construction and maintenance, information technology, accounting, administration, public affairs, customer service, and more.

Recent labor studies estimate that 60,000 people work in the state’s water industry, but there is a need of roughly 6,000 new employees each year due to turnover and retirements.

Meter staff

Meter Maintenance Worker II performs general maintenance to a customer’s water meter.

“Water Professionals Appreciation Week provides the water industry with a great opportunity to reach out to our community and establish connections between the detailed and dedicated work we do at the District, how that preserves our customers’ quality of life, and the exciting career opportunities in the industry,” said District General Manager Mark Watton.

Water Professionals Appreciation Week was established in 2017 by Senate Concurrent Resolution 80.

Customer Service

Customer Service Representative II assists customers daily in paying their monthly water bill at the District’s administrative office.

Flying drone

GIS Technician uses a drone as part of the District’s Drone2Map technology for asset, field inspections, and condition assessment.