Preparations for El Niño

Preparations for El Niño

09:59 07 January in News

El Niño has arrived. What is El Niño? El Niño refers to conditions linked to a warming in sea surface temperatures across the equator. The effects of this include unusual weather patterns such as wetter than normal circumstances and heavy rainfall. Meteorologists have been closely monitoring conditions since early 2015 and are now predicting that this could be one of the strongest storm systems to hit San Diego. Although rain brings relief from the drought, it can also create a dangerous situation for San Diego. Increased rain could mean the possibility of flooding and mudslides. Are you prepared? Below are tips and resources to help prepare in the event of a disaster.


  1. Create a opens in a new windowFamily Disaster Plan and Survival Guide.
  2. Keep yourself and your family safe during a opens in a new window flood watch or warning. Learn what steps to take before, during, and after a flood.
  3. Visit opens in a new windowFEMA’s Flood Map Service Center to understand your flood risk.
  4. Prepare your opens in a new windowhome for an emergency.
  5. Protect your home from flooding. Sandbags are available for residents throughout the county.
  6. Prevent opens in a new windowerosionopens PDF file on your property.
  7. Prepare your opens in a new windowbusinessopens PDF file for an emergency.