Otay Water District To Assess Next Steps in Future Use of Former Golf Course


Otay Water District To Assess Next Steps in Future Use of Former Golf Course

17:01 09 April in News

Since March 2012, Highlands Links Golf Group, LLC (Highlands), has operated the Salt Creek Golf Club in eastern Chula Vista under a long-term ground lease of 239 acres owned by the Otay Water District (District). In March of this year, Highlands notified the District that it would cease operation of the golf course and requested termination of its lease. Accordingly, the District reached resolution with Highlands and the lease was terminated.

The decision to close the golf course and terminate the lease was the sole decision of Highlands, which, as lessee, had the exclusive right to use and occupy the golf course until the lease was terminated on March 30. On March 31, the golf course was relinquished to the District. The District has made no decisions on the future use of the property and is committed to assessing options, publicly and transparently, to determine what is in the best interest of its ratepayers.

“The District has a fiduciary responsibility to its customers to evaluate all reasonable options regarding the future use or disposition of this property,” said Tim Smith, President of the District’s Board of Directors. “An ad hoc committee of the Board will consider next steps and make a recommendation to the full Board, in public session, that ensures transparency and proper due diligence to identify the best possible outcome for its ratepayers. It is anticipated that discussion of this item will take place at the May 2 Board meeting.”

Update: A special Board meeting to discuss the disposition of the former Salt Creek Golf Course will be held on Wednesday, April 11 at 3:30 p.m. Click here to view the agenda.