Doing it for the ‘Gram and For the Love of Water: The Otay Water District Officially Launches Its Instagram!

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Doing it for the ‘Gram and For the Love of Water: The Otay Water District Officially Launches Its Instagram!

09:39 05 February in News
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A boomerang, a slideshow overview, and a past, present, and future video of the Otay Water District are featured as the District’s first posts on its newly launched Instagram (IG) account. If you are curious about any of these aforementioned social media jargon, it’s time to follow the District! To start the New Year off, in January 2019, the District introduced its presence on Instagram to share water-related content and interact online with its more than 225,000 customers and any others interested in Otay’s history, present, or future.

Weekly posts will include the latest on the District’s programs, resources, local events, and more. The District will showcase its history — from its formation to the current services it provides to future growth and sustainability within its service area. Instagram will also be a place to find the latest on the District’s Capital Improvement Program, which aims to maintain and improve its public water and sewer facilities to continue providing exceptional water and wastewater service to its customers.

Otay’s IG will feature themes on Instagram such as water careers, which will offer followers a look into the workforce and the key roles of staff members in the water industry. This fits in with the District’s efforts to educate students and the public about career opportunities and skills needed in the water industry, thus helping to pave the way for those to prepare themselves to fill positions of the retiring workforce. For those seeking a rewarding career in the industry, the latest updates on job opportunities and information about various positions in water and wastewater services will be featured.

In recent years, the District has increased its presence on social media to connect the community with the latest in local water news and information related to the District. Other social media platforms to follow Otay online include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Nextdoor. Unquestionably, these aren’t the District’s only means of communication to its customers; it distributes the Pipeline newsletter, publishes notifications in bill inserts, and more. The District evaluates and adds communication platforms that will help it to reach a greater audience in its service area.

In addition, the District plans to host a local IG contest with various giveaways and prizes in appreciation for its followers and their engagement. Followers are also encouraged to submit ideas for future Otay Instagram posts to If chosen, the submitter will receive a water-saving goodie bag.

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