Otay Extends Deadline for WaterSmart Landscape Contest to April 14

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Otay Extends Deadline for WaterSmart Landscape Contest to April 14

08:40 08 April in News

Are you proud of your drought-tolerant landscape? Otay is seeking the most “WaterSmart” landscape in the District. Enter this year’s WaterSmart Landscape Contest, formally known as the California-Friendly Landscape Contest, for a chance to showcase your landscape’s best water-wise features.

The deadline for Otay’s service area has been extended to April 14.

Each year, the contest committee selects one applicant from each of the participating water agencies for best exemplifying water-use efficiency in their landscape. Judging criteria is based on overall attractiveness, appropriate plant selection, design, appropriate maintenance, and efficient irrigation methods.

One lucky winner will receive a $250 gift certificate and recognition on the District’s website, social media platforms, in the newsletter, and other promotional materials.

Rules for submission include, but are not limited to, submitting an entry form, color photos of your yard, a list of your water-wise plants, and a written explanation of the installation process. The committee will accept hard copy or digital submissions. For full details and official rules, visit www.LandscapeContest.com. Make sure to check out the “Tips” page for ideas to improve your chance of winning.

For questions about the contest, please email info@otaywater.gov.

2016 Contest Winners

2016 California-Friendly Landscape Winners: Barbara and Nick Almaltifano

2016 California-Friendly Landscape winner

The Almaltifanos’ winning landscape in Otay’s service area.