Increased Incentives for Otay Customers through New Landscape Transformation Program

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Increased Incentives for Otay Customers through New Landscape Transformation Program

10:51 23 July in News

As part of the new Landscape Transformation Program in Southern California, the Otay Water District’s residential customers can now apply for an incentive of $2.75 per square foot for replacing existing turf with sustainable landscape features. Thanks to the San Diego County Water Authority’s existing grant funds, Otay residential customers, who qualify, are allowed to receive a $1.75 additional incentive to the $1 incentive offered through the Metropolitan Water District’s program.

The region’s increased incentive is made possible through a partnership with MWD and the Water Authority. Qualified residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applicants will be rewarded $1 per square foot from MWD. In addition, the Water Authority will provide existing grant funds from the state Department of Water Resources to add $1.75 per square foot for residential landscapes that qualify for the Landscape Transformation Program.

In October 2016, the Water Authority launched the Sustainable Landscapes Program, which offered San Diego County residents $1.75 per square foot toward projects that upgraded as much as 3,000 square feet of turf lawns to landscapes that provide multiple environmental benefits such as lower water use, less green waste, and reduced stormwater runoff and pollution. The program helped transform more than 175 residential landscapes throughout the county into beautiful, climate-appropriate mini-watersheds with environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Out of those 175, nine were Otay customers. More than $25,000 in incentives was awarded to participants from the District’s service area. To qualify, participants needed to ensure their projects achieved a heightened level of sustainability helping to save water and reduce stormwater runoff and green waste.

Funding from MWD’s new Landscape Transformation Program is limited. For residential customers to qualify for the $2.75 incentive, they must comply with requirements such as a simple landscape plan, grass removal, plant coverage, mulch, irrigation technology, and water retention or filtration to support reuse or soil absorption of rainwater. Projects must have a minimum of 250 square feet of turf removed, though some exceptions may apply.

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