Show Off Your Landscape by Participating in the WaterSmart Landscape Contest

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Show Off Your Landscape by Participating in the WaterSmart Landscape Contest

09:00 28 March in News

Enter to Win Various Prizes!

It is time to show off your beautiful water-saving landscape and claim the title of “Best in District” from the Otay Water District. The District is now accepting applications for this year’s WaterSmart Landscape Contest and invites its residential customers to enter for a chance to win various prizes, including a $250 gift card to a nursery of their choice. The deadline to enter is Friday, April 26, 2019.

The judging committee will select a resident who showcases the best water-efficient landscape and overall attractiveness in the District’s service area. Every year, the contest rewards San Diego County residents who have created beautiful landscapes with water-wise features and demonstrate the best water conservation practices in their yard. Last year, the District designated “Best in District” to Rosalba Ponce from Chula Vista for demonstrating the importance of outdoor water-use efficiency as a means of helping to meet the future water needs of the District’s service area and the San Diego region.

As a past participant of two regional water conservation programs, Ponce transformed herflyer yard from a grassy front lawn to a welcoming and water-efficient Mediterranean floral garden. Although, the District does not have separate meters for indoor versus outdoor water use, Ponce’s efforts could have potentially led to a decrease in her overall water use by an average of up to 38 percent.

Along with the application, contest participants are required to submit before and after photos of their landscape, a plant list, and short story about their landscape transformation. Entrees will be judged based on overall attractiveness, appropriate plant selection, design, maintenance, and irrigation methods.

In addition to the $250 gift card prize, the winner will receive a goody bag, a certificate of recognition, a feature in the District’s newsletter, website and social media networks, and in other promotional materials.

For full details on the contest and for tips to improve your chances of winning, visit                                                                                                                                  Download the contest flyer (PDF)