Irrigate Smarter With Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

Irrigate Smarter With Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

18:16 26 December in News

Weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) irrigate “smarter” because you can customize your irrigation schedule based on plant needs and site conditions. WBICs also automatically adjust irrigation in response to changing weather conditions and the changing seasons.

Not only does this save water by reducing unnecessary watering, it saves money and allows for the tailoring of irrigation schedules to meet your landscape’s specific plant, soil, and slope conditions. Some of the benefits of incorporating smart irrigation technology into your landscape include:

–   Saving Water — WBICs can reduce overwatering your landscape saving up 13,500 gallons a year
–   Saving Money — A customized watering schedule using a WBIC can save over $700 on your water bill over the WBIC’s lifetime
–   Superior Performance — WBICs are tested by independent evaluators to ensure superior performance
–   Better Plant Health — Applying the right amount of water supports optimal plant and lawn health

To ensure water-saving performance, we recommend having a professional landscape contractor install and program your WBIC. They can also thoroughly evaluate site conditions and prepare professional landscape and irrigation plans to meet the needs of your home’s landscape.

Otay Water District customers may also receive a $80 rebate on a qualifying WBIC. Rebate applications and qualifying standards are available at