Instagram Photo Contest Winners Share Ways to Save Water During State’s Drought

Rain Barrels

Instagram Photo Contest Winners Share Ways to Save Water During State’s Drought

13:19 22 March in News

One Otay Water District customer and three other San Diego County residents have won Otay’s New Year Instagram Photo Contest for demonstrating ways to save more water in 2022.

To help the community make every drop count during California’s drought, the District launched its third holiday-themed Instagram photo contest. The contest invited Instagrammers to make a New Year’s resolution to save more water in 2022 and upload a photo reflecting how. Participants were asked to describe their water-saving ideas in their captions and include the hashtag #OtaySaveWaterResolution. The District posted all entries to its Instagram page, @otaywater.

“This contest was one of many ways we continue to educate the community on the importance of saving water,” said Otay Water District Board President Tim Smith. “Although San Diego County may have reliable supplies for 2022 and beyond, the state remains in a drought and the Otay Water District is doing its part to support the state’s efforts asking residents and businesses to step up conservation efforts now for current and future conditions.”

Entries were judged for first and second place in two categories: the photo with the most likes on Otay’s Instagram page and the photo selected by Otay staff based on originality, creativity, and theme. Each winner received a gift card valued between $35-$75.

Although the contest was open to all in the U.S., the District highly encouraged its customers to enter and share their ideas. With more than 25 likes, Otay customer @jwilzen took second place for receiving the most likes. Their entry reflected the benefits of water harvesting and indoor and outdoor composting. As a customer, they won a $50 gift card to a restaurant of their choice in the District’s service area.

To view the winning photos and their water-saving tips, scroll below. To view all other entries, visit


First-place winner, photo with the most likes category

Submitted by Emily Tutor, @emily_anne04

In 2022 we’re conserving water by fixing our dripping sinks!

Rain Barrels

Second-place winner, photo with the most likes category

Submitted by Janna Wilzen, @jwilzen

Indoor and outdoor composting helps with conserving water by improving the soil chemical properties; thereby assisting to increase soil matter. Additionally, collecting runoff water from the rain helps to reduce the amount of polluted waters which can affect all wildlife in all ecosystems. Self watering planters are also beneficial in conserving water as they have reservoirs that sit at the bottom of the planter which evenly distribute water when it’s needed.


First-place winner, photo selected by Otay category

Submitted by Rosie Barnett, @rosie_barnett_photography

Your garden is an extension of your home and a great place to start when conserving water! Did you know you can have a beautiful garden and still be #waterwise! Here are a few tips:
* Check for leaks in pipes, hoses, faucets and couplings
* Water your lawn only when it needs it
* Water during the cool parts of the day
* Plant drought resistant trees and plants
* Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants
* Use a broom to clean driveways, sidewalks and steps
*You could possibly save up to 100 gallons a day!

Solo Cup and Plant

Second-place winner, photo selected by Otay category

Submitted by Heaven Morgan, @heavenmajesta

Rehab plants + Water saving tricks = pure joy!🌱💦✨ A really easy way to save a bit of water around the garden is to keep a dish under potted plants! This allows the runoff to be either used to water other plants or absorbed back into the plant by way of wick watering which means you don’t have to water as often! Another easy way to make use of the run off is to hold potted plants over in ground plants or planters while watering this method allows the extra water to run right off onto the next plant! Happy gardening!