Instagram Contest Winners Capture Why Water is Important During the Holidays


Instagram Contest Winners Capture Why Water is Important During the Holidays

11:28 11 February in News

Eight photos have been selected as winners of the Otay Water District’s first Instagram photo contests. During the 2019 holiday season, the District invited Instagrammers to submit photos reflecting their appreciation for water.

In November, the District launched its first contest: “Thankful for Water.” Nine participants submitted photos tied to the theme of being thankful for water during the holiday season. Photo entries varied. One captured the use of water to prepare for a holiday meal. Another captured a selfie by a pond and others photographed landscapes and wildlife. Although, the entries varied in images, they all depicted our precious resource — water — that is needed during the season and year-round.

In December, eight participants submitted photos for the second contest: “Drink Tap December.” This contest focused on why participants find that drinking tap water is important. Some entries included a photo of the ocean below a pier representing how tap water helps keep the ocean plastic-free, a toddler enjoying a bottle of milk made with water from the tap, and a demonstration presented in Tanzania on the difference between clean and unclean water.

“I am just thrilled to win! My heart was truly touched to donate a water filter while in Tanzania to a Maasai family in need of the things we take for granted like clean and safe drinking water,” said Margaret Minor, a first-place winner in the “Drink Tap December” contest. Minor lives in the District’s service area in Chula Vista.

Four winners from each contest were chosen based on two categories: first and second place with the most “likes” and first and second place who were selected by District staff based on originality, creativity, and theme. Each first-place winner received a $75 gift card and second place, a $50 gift card. The winners chose between a gift card to a business in the District’s service area.

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“Thankful for Water” Instagram Photo Contest Winners:


“I am thankful for water for many reasons, first it helps keep humans alive. But second, I am thankful for water because it creates beautiful things and landscapes as shown in my image. It creates clouds, lush lands and a beautiful home for sea creatures. I am thankful for everything water gives me and our aina we live on.” – First-place winner for most “likes” @cm_photography_and_design, Riverside.


“Gentoo penguins hurtling themselves thru the water (they almost look like skipping stones as they pop up every six feet, it was really hard to guess-timate where they would pop up next!). Gentoo penguins thankful for their water home.” – Second-place winner for most “likes” @sanflymom, Chula Vista.

Washing fruits and vegetables

“Thankful for water to rinse garden fruits and vegetables to serve for the holiday meal.” – First-place winner for “best” photo @lzetouna, Jamul.

Girl standing by water

“I’m thankful for the various bodies of gorgeous water here – rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds, and so much more, where you have the opportunity to wade into or gaze upon something so cleansing and pure.” – Second-place winner for “best” photo @littlemissfelina, Lemon Grove.

“Drink Tap December” Instagram Photo Contest Winners:

Toddler drinking bottle

“It might be formula, but it’s also tap water! Keeping baby healthy!” – First-place winner for most “likes” @cofcheerleader, Michigan.

Glass of water

“Drinking tap water keeps me hydrated!” – Second-place winner for most “likes” @lauriegran, Texas.

tap water demonstration

“A moment that truly touched my heart. Seeing the difference between clean and unclean tap water, making a clay pot that will filter tap water and getting to meet the Maasai family who will benefit from my gift that prevents typhoid and waterborne diseases. We are fortunate to live in a country that has clean water. Only half of Tanzania’s 22 million people have access to clean drinking water.” – First place winner for “best” photo @sanflymom, Chula Vista.


“I feel like drinking tap water is a good thing as it keeps trash from water bottles out of our oceans.” – Second-place winner for “best” photo @dingledog123, Riverside.