870-2 Pump Station Replacement Project (P2083/P2562)


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The project will replace the existing 870-1 High-Head and 571-1 Low-Head Pump Stations with a new pump station, including new recirculating pumps with chlorination injection capabilities.

The project will remove and replace the existing 571-1 Reservoir liner and cover with a new liner and cover, and also install new inlet/outlet piping for the reservoir.

571-1 Reservoir Capacity: 36.7 million gallons


Northeast corner of Otay Mesa. Existing 571-1 Reservoir and High Head/Low Head Pump Station site.


July 2017 through December 2019


Otay Water District and Pacific Hydrotech Corporation


Replacement of aging infrastructure that is reaching the end of its useful life is critical to maintaining the District’s systems. Pump station replacement is standard maintenance that preserves the quality and safety of your water supply by maintaining the integrity and reliability of the pump stations. Customers save money over time when routine maintenance is performed on a regular basis.

Noise and traffic disruptions are not anticipated.

No water service disruptions are expected during the pump station replacement.

For additional information about the project, please contact the Project Manager Dan Martin, at (619) 670-2243 or via e-mail at dan.martin@otaywater.gov.

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