Construction Inspection

construction inspection

Division Responsibilities

The primary role of the Otay Water District Construction Inspection Division is to ensure that all new District facilities are installed in accordance with the Water Agency Standards, approved plans, and the Otay Water District Code of Ordinances. The Construction Inspection Division at Otay Water District is involved in new and on-going construction projects from plan check to final completion and acceptance. The Construction Inspection Division is involved in all developer and CIP potable water, recycled water, sewer facilities, sewer mainline installations, recycled irrigation, meter, and fire service installations. The Construction Inspection Division is also involved in easement inspections and USA Mark-out standby inspections.

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Field Inspection and Office Hours
Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm

Field Services Manager
Brandon DiPietro 
Phone: (619) 670-2203
Fax: (619) 670-8920

Aaron Hazard
Jeff Edwards
Larry Ramirez
John Carrao