Otay Mesa Pipeline Cathodic Protection Improvements Project


The project is for the replacement and repairs of existing cathodic protection systems on five pipelines generally located in the Otay Mesa area. Each piping system includes several sites. Overall, the work includes approximately 14 phases of traffic control and approximately 21 sites requiring coordination with the City of Chula Vista, City of San Diego, Donovan Prison, and Border Patrol. The scope of work includes repairs to existing cathodic protection systems such as galvanic anode replacement and cathodic test station repairs.


Cathodic protection improvements on an existing water main in the following locations:

  • Existing piping near the Donovan Prison
  • Existing pipeline crossing the Otay River near the intersection of Main Street and Heritage Road
  • Existing pipelines near Alta Road at the interconnection with Mexico
  • Existing pipeline in Otay Mesa Road between Cactus Road and Otay Mesa Center Road
  • Existing pipeline in Airway Road between La Media Road and Avenida De La Fuente Norte


Otay Mesa Pipeline Cathodic Protection Improvements Project

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The construction Notice to Proceed was issued on January 12, 2021, and the project was accepted as complete by the District on February 17, 2021.


The Otay Water District awarded the construction contract to Kay Construction Company.


The Otay Water District provides potable water service to portions of Otay Mesa. The District regularly invests in Capital Improvement Projects to ensure efficient operations, comply with regulations, and replace aging infrastructure. The District funds Capital Improvement Projects through user rates and capacity charges.


The scope for the project was developed through the District’s Cathodic Protection Program, which was implemented over 16 years ago to provide the long-term benefit of preserving the life expectancy of metallic pipeline and reducing the risk of costly failures. A portion of the program includes annual data collection from roughly 1,000 pipeline cathodic test stations. The effort results in a list of recommendations for repairs such as galvanic anode replacement and cathodic test station repairs included in this project.


The final project cost is $649,733.36.

For additional information about the project, please contact the Project Manager Jeff Marchioro, P.E., at (619) 670-2725 or via email at jeff.marchioro@otaywater.gov