Hillsdale Road Water & Sewer Replacement Project

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The Hillsdale Road Water and Sewer Replacement Project will replace 0.75 miles of 12-inch-diameter water main and 800 feet of 8-inch-diameter sewer line along Hillsdale Road in Rancho San Diego.


The project is within the Hillsdale Road and Chase Avenue public right of ways between Jamacha Road and Vista Grande Road, past Valhalla High School.


Construction will begin in October 2017 and be completed by June 2018. San Diego County is scheduled to repave the entire roadway during Summer 2018.


Otay Water District


The Otay Water District provides water and sewer service to the Rancho San Diego area in the Jamacha Basin. The District regularly invests in capital improvement projects to assure efficient operations, comply with regulations, and replace aging infrastructure. District capital improvement projects are funded through user rates and capacity charges.


Campo Road Map

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The Hillsdale Road Water and Sewer Replacement Project is part of an ongoing series of projects to rehabilitate and upgrade the water and sewer system in the communities served by Otay Water District.

The new water main will replace a 12-inch-diameter water main that can no longer reliably provide water service to the area. The new main will follow a new alignment to minimize service disruptions during construction. After the new water main is in service, the existing aged pipeline will be filled with concrete and abandoned in place. The sewer-line replacement will reduce the potential for sewer overflows.

Sewer service will not be affected. Sewer pipes are being replaced in sections, for example, between one manhole and the next. As the process begins, an upstream manhole will be fitted with a pump bypass system. Sewage is then moved through a fully contained roadside relay system to the next downstream manhole.

          • Activity will be limited to the hours between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. and coordinated with nearby school schedules.
          • Steel plates will be used to cover open trenches at the end of each work day. Trenched areas will also be repaved at the end of the project. Please drive carefully in the construction zone.
          • During construction, some dust and noise will be unavoidable.
          • Mail delivery and trash collection will not be affected.


The District’s budget for the Hillsdale Road Water and Sewer Replacement Project is approximately $3.0 million.

For additional information about the project, please contact the Project Manager, Steve Beppler at (619) 670-2209 or via e-mail at steve.beppler@otaywater.gov.