How to Read Your Meter

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Meter with an analog register                                                        Meter with a digital register

What is a Register?

Just like the mileage odometer on your car, these numbers keep a running total of all water that has passed through the meter since its installation date. Subtracting the last reading from these numbers will tell you how many 100-cubic feet of water have been used. This consumption is listed on your monthly water bill as units. One unit is equivalent to 100-cubic feet (HCF).

If you have any concerns about your water meter reading, please contact Customer Service at (619) 670-2222.

Reading Your Meter

Digital meterAnalog Register: The last two black-dial numbers on the far right of the register indicate a measurement in cubic feet and are not used. Once those two numbers pass 99 then the white-dial number on the furthest right rolls over one number. This would indicate 100-cubic feet.

Digital Register: The last four numbers on the right are not used because they are less than 100-cubic feet. The numbers to the left of them are in 100-cubic feet. These are the numbers used to calculate your water usage.

The example on the right has a read of 56. If you subtract the read on your previous bill from the 56, you will get the total units used for the month. Note: There is a short time delay on the start and stop of water flow through digital registers.

Detecting a Leak

Analog Register: The leak detector is the small triangle or asterisk that rotates even when a small amount of water is moving through the meter. If the leak detector turns when all water is off in the house or at your property, that indicates you have a leak and it should be investigated further. You may wish to hire a professional to help you find small leaks.

Digital Register: In the top left corner of the register there is a box labeled GPM (gallons per minute). If all water sources are off at the property, then no water should be flowing through the meter and the GPM should read 000.0. In the example of the digital register above, the 7 in the GPM box indicates that 7 gallons of water per minute are being used. If everything is off at the property, the 7 GPM being used would indicate there may be a leak someplace.

What is a Billing Unit?

Water charges are based on increments of 100-cubic feet of water delivered, or what we call a “billing unit.” One unit equals 748 gallons. When the meter reader records the numbers on your meter, staff disregards the black-dial numbers, recording only the white-dial numbers (multiples of 100).

Water Equivalents Table

1 cubic foot    = 7.48 gallons = 62.4 pounds of water
100 cubic feet  = 748 gallons = One billing unit
1 million gallons = 3.07 acre feet   = 1,337 units
1 acre foot = 325, 872 gallons = Covers 1 acre of land, 1 foot deep