Backflow / Cross-Connection

Cross-Connection Prevention 

The term cross-connection refers to a condition where the public water system is exposed to contamination through a service connection to a private plumbing system or other source. Such contamination could occur if a private pump were to force water back into the public water system. This example is called back-pressure.

Another condition, called back-siphonage, may occur when a water main breaks, or even under fire-fighting demands. In these situations, normal water pressure in the mains may turn to suction that can draw water from a private system into the public system. In this event, even a simple garden hose that may be filling a swimming pool or in a backyard pond can become a source of potential contamination.

As a precaution against potential cross-connections, the District requires a certified back-flow prevention assembly be installed on all non-residential water service connections and any residential service where an on-site well or booster pumping system is in place. For more information about this program, please contact the Backflow Department at 619-670-2263, or Jon Chambers, Meter Services Supervisor, at 619-670-2788.

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