Billing Information

Residential Customers

Water is charged per billing unit. One unit is 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water. For domestic customers, the District employs an inclining-block rate structure (the more you use, the more it costs).  Customers using less than ten units of water in a month receive the first five units at the “lifeline” rate. This is in recognition of fixed or low-income customers and also rewards conservation.

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Commercial, Agricultural, and Other Non-Residential Customers

The District employs an inclining-block rate structure (the more you use, the more it costs). For commercial and agricultural customers, the inclining-blocks are dependent on the size of the water meter.

Sewer Customers

The District provides sewer service to approximately 4,200 customers (through 6,071 connections) in several small, urbanized communities within the northern service area. The District uses a winter-based consumption charge for residential sewer customers. The Winter Average is computed by adding the units of water used during the winter period of January through April and dividing the total by four. Sewer charges for the next calendar year are based on the Winter Average.

Areas with City of Chula Vista Sewer Service

The District does not provide sewer service to customers living in the city of Chula Vista. However, those customers will see Chula Vista sewer service charges on their Otay Water District bill. Chula Vista sewer billing is performed under a cost sharing agreement with the city. Questions regarding sewer service in Chula Vista should be directed to the city of Chula Vista by calling (619) 476-5380.

Billing Dates

Water bills are sent within one week of your meter being read. Meters are read in routes determined by the geographical location of each property. The date in which you get your bill each month coincides with the date the meter is read. Customers receiving sewer service only from the District will get their bill around the middle of each month. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to customize your billing date; however, the day (of the month) the bill arrives will remain fairly consistent.

Late Charges/Penalties

Charges and penalties are imposed on delinquent accounts. If payment is not received by the District on or before the next month’s billing, the current amount owing is subject to a 5% charge for late payment. If service is interrupted for non-payment, additional charges up to $60.00 and a deposit may be required. There is a $25.00 charge for any check returned by the bank.


Do you have questions about your water bill? Please contact Customer Service at (619) 670-2222 or by email