For Your Home

Check out our rebate offerings below, including the regional turf grass replacement program. Visit the Water Conservation Garden to take a class, or take the online residential survey to determine how much water you use and get recommendations to use water more efficiently. In addition to helping the environment, you can save money on your water, waste water, and energy bills.



To view a list of available rebates please, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Water Smart Checkups

Free indoor and outdoor water conserving recommendations. Call (866) 883-1332opens phone dialer or visit to schedule an appointment.

Water and Energy Efficiency Programs

The  opens in a new windowHome Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) and the opens in a new windowProperty Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs provide home and condominiums owners the opportunity to make water and energy improvements without out-of-pocket expenditures. The HERO program partners with local governments to make water efficient, energy efficient, and renewable energy products affordable for homeowners. PACE works with homeowners to finance the installation of water and energy improvements. Both programs provide up to 100 percent financing and allow property owners to pay for the water, energy and money saving improvements over time as a line item on the property tax bill.  Please see each program for eligibility and program details.

WaterSense Program

Otay Water District has been an opens in a new windowEPA WaterSense partner since 2008. WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Its mission is to protect the future of opens in a new windowour nation’s water supply by promoting and enhancing the market for water-efficient products and services. Saving water is easy—many products are already available for use, and it doesn’t require changing the way most of us live or do business. WaterSense labelled products are generally 20% more water efficient than similar products in the marketplace. Click on the links below for more information on WaterSense and WaterSense labelled products:

opens in a new windowEPA WaterSense New Home Program
opens in a new windowTest Your WaterSense (interactive online quiz)

Indoor Conservation

Home Calculator

Not sure how much water you use inside your home? Use the Homewaterworks Calculator to show which water uses in your home are efficient and which are not. To use the calculator, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Drip Calculator

To use the drip calculator to measure and estimate water waste due to leaks, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Toiletology 101

You do not need to be a plumber to fix the most common toilet problems. Use this free online resource to learn about the different types of toilets, how to fix and replace them, and more. To learn about toilets, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Toilet Performance Study

This resource provides performance information on over 1,800 different toilets including over 940 WaterSense certified high-efficiency toilets. To view this study, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Outdoor Conservation

Landscape Calculator

Not sure how much water to use to irrigate your home’s landscaping? Use the Watering Calculator to develop a customized watering schedule, based upon your plant type, soil type, sprinkler type, and geographic location. To use the calculator, click HERE.

The Water Conservation Garden

Visit the 5+ acre Water Conservation Garden and take a class, or seeThe Garden displays of beautiful water-smart gardening themes. Classes are regularly offered on removing unused grass lawns, creating a wildlife habitat, selecting the right plants for your water wise garden, and irrigation system design. For more information, please click opens in a new windowHERE.

WaterSmart Landscape Designs

Did you know that up to 60 percent of a typical Southern California household’s annual water use goes to watering landscaping? To see water smart landscape designs, click HERE.

WaterSmart Design For Homeowners

To schedule a free 3-hour Design for Homeowners class, click opens in a new windowHERE.

WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Classes

To help homeowners save water, a series of free landscape design classes are available throughout the county, including locations in the South Bay. The WaterSmart Makeover Series is a four-class series that takes homeowners step-by-step through the process of removing a turf area and  creating a water-efficient landscape. This series requires a commitment to remove an area of turf and to attend all four classes. For those who cannot commit to the four-class series, three-hour workshops are also being held. For additional information or to sign up for classes, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Be Waterwise

To view information related to water-wise gardening in Southern California, including sample landscape designs and plant lists, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Where can I find a qualified landscape professional?

San Diego Master Gardeners

Click opens in a new windowHERE to view this excellent free gardening resource.

WaterSmart Landscape Contest

The District’s sponsored WaterSmart Landscape Contest is for Otay customers who have installed a water conserving front yard landscape, after removing irrigated turf grass. The best residential landscape conversion site will be awarded $250.00 and a “Best in District” first prize. For additional information including an application, eligibility requirements, and to see photos of winning landscapes from previous years, click opens in a new windowHERE.

Wildfire Management Outside the Home

Click opens in a new windowHERE to view this resource designed to help San Diego County residents minimize the risk of wildfires.


Do you have questions about Otay Water District’s residential water conservation programs? Please contact Customer Service at (619) 670-2222opens phone dialer, or at customerservice@otaywater.govcreate new email