Otay Urges Customers to Stay Alert Against Scams

Graphic with image of a hand ringing a doorbell with "Scam Alert"

Otay Urges Customers to Stay Alert Against Scams

11:35 20 December in News

Recent reports of utility-related scams have been made to the Otay Water District. Some incidents have involved sales pitches and door-to-door visits. Every few years, scam artists make unsolicited home visits to the District’s customers while appearing to pose as a District representative. They request to take water samples from inside the property or leave water testing kits with a community water test form at the front door. Their intention may be to sell a water-filtration system or other devices. If there are ever any issues with water quality in the District’s system, Otay staff will notify you.

water test kitThe District reminds customers that it will never demand payment in cash or require access to your home unless necessary in an emergency. Staff will always carry an identification badge and drive a vehicle marked with an Otay logo. Also, the District does not provide water testing kits.

In other cases, scammers may target customers using a tactic called caller ID spoofing. This practice occurs when scammers mask their phone number with one you may be familiar with and trust. Customers may be deceived into believing their water bill is overdue and if not paid immediately, their water service will be disconnected.

Customers are advised to be cautious of anyone masking their phone number with a District number claiming to be an Otay representative, soliciting information, or demanding credit card or other methods of payment. Before disconnecting your water service, the District will send you one or more notifications via phone, email, and/or mail. Also, there are multiple payment options available to prevent the stoppage of water service.

If ever in doubt, contact us directly to verify any information at (619) 670-2222.

For further tips on avoiding these and other scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

For information on various utility scams and how to minimize, avoid, and report them, visit Utilities United.