Opportunity for High School Students to Win Cash Through Video Contest


Opportunity for High School Students to Win Cash Through Video Contest

09:34 10 February in News

Students within Otay’s Service Area Encouraged to Enter

The San Diego Chapter California Special Districts Association is offering high school students a chance to win cash prizes for creating the best informative video on special districts in San Diego County. The contest theme, “What’s So Special about Special Districts,” is to educate the general public about special districts and engage students through the production of a public service announcement. Otay Water District is encouraging high schoolers within its service area to share their skills at this year’s competition.

Participating students must develop a one- to two-minute YouTube video that follows precise recording content and criteria. The judging criteria includes, but is not limited to the incorporation of the theme, originality, entertainment value, accuracy and value of information, and production quality. Videos must be usable by special districts, local television stations, and movie theaters.

Students must choose from a series of subjects, including the creation, benefits, roles, and functions of a special district as a government service. To better understand special districts, students are encouraged to read the guide, “What’s So Special about Special Districts,” found on the special districts section at www.CSDA.net.

This year’s committee will choose four winners to be announced in May. Each winner will receive $1,000 and an additional $500 for their school. A total of at least $6,000 will be awarded.

For rules, criteria, and application packets, visit the contest web page at www.SanDiegoCSDA.weebly.com. All materials must be submitted by April 1, 2017.