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A rate increase of 7.5 percent was approved by the Otay Water District (the “District”) as part of the annual budget adoption process completed in May 2017. The typical District residential sewer customer will see their bill decrease by $0.56 due to the reduction in winter average water usage. The new sewer rates, fees, and charges will apply to service billed beginning January 1, 2018 and, depending on your billing cycle, will apply to service as early as the beginning of December 2017.

An analysis of the District’s costs and revenues indicates an average 5.0% rate for sewer services billed on or after January 2015 and may apply to sewer services billed as early as the beginning of December 2014. The proposed rate, fee, and charge structure will provide revenue that recovers all costs reasonably borne in providing sewer service; are equitable to all customer classes; and are proportionate to the cost of providing the service to each customer class. Some of the sewage collected by the District is also treated by the City of San Diego’s Metropolitan Wastewater Division. The local share of improvements to those systems is passed along to system users.

The sewer charge is based on your winter water consumption for the months of January through April of the previous year (minus a 15% usage discount which recognizes that not all water used flows to the sewer system). The maximum consumption charge will be based on 30 units.

The average bill will increase approximately $2.82 per month. To estimate your monthly bill, enter your account number below. The winter average for your account will be used to estimate your monthly bill for 2015.

Note: This sewer calculator is for Otay Water District sewer customers only. You may be a water customer of Otay Water District but receive your sewer service from another agency.

Rate Sheet:
Residential Sewer
Multi-Residential and Commercial Sewer


  1. This fee is based on water meter size.
  2. The average customer uses 14 units of water per month in winter months. With the ability to reduce sewer bills through conservation, the reduced sewer service charge for low-income customers will no longer be offered