Water and Sewer Rate Comparison

Survey of Member Agency Water Rates
Projected Water Bill for FY 2017
(Based on 11 Units of Water Use and .75inch Meter Size)

Sewer Rate Comparison, San Diego County
Projected Sewer Bill for FY 2017
(Based on 11 Units of Water Use and .75inch Residential Meter Size)

*At the time of the survey in June 2015, the member agency’s FY 2016 rate was unavailable. The estimated increase is equal to the District’s FY 2016 average rate increase.

Wholesale Water Supply Costs vs. District Retail Rate Increases


Since 2007 wholesale water supply costs have increased 106.7% while the District’s retail water rates have increased a lesser 93.2 %. The District has been able to continue absorbing some of the pass-through costs from its water suppliers, the San Diego County Water Authority (CWA) and Metropolitan Water District (MWD). This helps to address customer concerns about rising water rates.